Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

You are so fortunate to have found and cultivated one another. Now that you're sure you have met your soul's longing, you're ready to exchange vows of eternal love and commitment and seal them with a kiss. Soon after the Wedding day jitters are over, the time to enjoy your lifetime's most special trip will finally be there: Your Honeymoon! That pot of golden sand at the end of the rainbow, that moment you've looked forward to for months, that trip you and you new spouse wholeheartedly deserve.

If you plan your honeymoon well in advance, giving yourself plenty of time to research and think about the trip, chances are your days in the sun will be trouble-free. And that's exactly what our goal at the Windmills Travel is, to help you organize this trip easy, quickly, and as stress-free as possible, through our efficient specialized department.

Our experienced colleagues know that your honeymoon is the time when you and your new spouse need to finally relax and recover from all the anxiety and weariness of the celebrations. So leave all the details to someone you can rely on…Erase all cares from your mind and let us guide you through the incredible, beautiful tale of your future honeymoon…

Destination: Romance!

If you are seeking hot sun, warm seas, diverse landscapes and lots of history for your honeymoon, Greece is the perfect choice. This country has indeed a huge amount to offer to its visitors. And that is why the dazzling Greek Islands are within the most desirable destinations for honeymooners worldwide. Among them, Mykonos and Santorini, with their spectacular views and unique character, form the first choice for most of the couples travelling to Greece. If you'd like to get an idea of how the itinerary of a honeymoon there would look like, you can check out the indicative ready-made packages that follow. Feel free to choose one of them, but keep in mind that we prefer to design a tailor-made package especially for each couple.

The process is really easy: Just send us an email and let us know of the dates you're planning to travel, the ideal destination of your honeymoon, and your approximate budget, and we'll be right back with a specific suggestion and an itinerary for you!

In order to choose the right time for your trip, you'll need to know the full moon dates in Greece, which in the year 2003 will be:

January 7th

Full Wolf Moon

10:40 am

February 6th

Full Snow Moon

3:47 am

March 6th

Full Worm Moon

6:14 pm

April 5th

Full Pink Moon

6:03 am

May 4th

Full Flower Moon

3:33 pm

June 2nd

Full Strawberry Moon

11:20 pm

July 2nd

Full Buck Moon

6:09 am

July 31st

Full Sturgeon Moon

1:05 pm

August 29th

Full Fruit/Barley Moon

9:23 pm

September 28tht

Full Harvest Moon

8:09 am

October 27th

Full Hunter's Moon

10:07 pm

November 26th

Full Beaver Moon

3:07 pm

December 26th

Full Cold Moon

10:06 am

A honeymoon in Greece is your chance to discover a stunning civilization, soak up the sun and meet friendly, fun-loving people. Whether you want to while away the hours on a cafe terrace or explore centuries-old ancient ruins, the islands will offer you what you are looking for.




Getting Married in Greece

It really doesn't matter if you've enjoyed the film "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" or not… Getting married in Greece means that your wedding, that very special moment of your life, will be overwhelmed with light and filled with the unique, rare flavour of a land with a glorious past.

We, at the Windmills, will be most glad to help you organize your wedding ceremony anywhere in Greece. Have in mind that Santorini, the volcano island, and Mykonos, the birthplace of Apollo, are the most wanted destinations for young couples that choose Greece to get married. You too can become part of the tale…just imagine yourself stepping out of a blue domed little chapel in the middle of dazzling white buildings, flower-decked balconies, golden sands and deep blue seas. If the idea makes you shiver with happiness, give us the chance to help you and we'll do our best!

Please note that there are certain actions to take place in order to ensure that your wedding in Greece will be legal. Therefore you will have to provide us with the following necessary papers:

1. Birth certificate translated to both English and Greek, from the home embassy or town council (only for the political marriage).
2. An official document from town council stating that the clients are not presently married to anyone and if one of them or both are divorced, a divorce certificate is needed.
3. Photocopies of the clients' passports (only for the political marriage).

All necessary documents must be translated into Greek, by the local Greek consulate in the country of the clients. All documents must be received from us at least 2 weeks prior to the date of the wedding.

For further information don't hesitate to contact us. Our colleagues in the specialized honeymoon & weddings department will be happy to reply to you within 24 hours.